Label support for application to bottle bottoms

This kit has been specially designed to adapt to bottles arranged horizontally, on the bottle bottom side.

Label your wine bottles with Etiktou

Technical aspects

  • Rubber fixing bracket end piece for good adherence to the bottle
  • The support with the 3 brackets is perfectly able to affix itself to the bottom of a bottle arranged among several bottles in staggered rows
  • ABS plastic material
  • Colour: black

Attachment of kit to the bottle

The kit contains 5 parts
+ 1 transparent protection (PVC)
+ 1 label

By entry to the ring, insert 2 simple brackets + 1 bracket with conical end piece onto the end for fixing of the label support. Place the 3 brackets at 120° on the full circumference of the ring. To guarantee that the label holder will hold on the conical end piece over time, perform a slight rotation with pressure on the insertion and alignment of the label holder.


Packaged by box containing each 12 kits or Economy Pack of 100 kits


Packaged by box of 12 kits

How to buy
100 KITS

Economy Pack of 100 kits

How to buy

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