Label support for application to the tablet or inner wall

This kit is specially designed to adapt to tablets, inner walls, compartments and all other vertical or horizontal walls.

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Technical aspects

  • Rubber fixing bracket end piece for good adherence to the walls and/or inner walls
  • ABS plastic material
  • Colour: black

As a function of the assembly, the support adapts to tablets or inner walls of 10 to 20 mm, 20 to 35 mm or 35 to 50 mm in thickness.

Attachment of kit to the bottle

The kit contains 6 parts
+ 1 transparent protection (PVC)
+ 1 label

As a function of the thickness of the support on which the clamp is to be attached, you choose the bar or "Zig-Zag" for assembly of the clips. The clip with the conical end piece should be positioned in the centre. First insert the lower notch whilst holding the clip as indicated in photo no. 2, perform a lateral movement to allow deformation of the clip and fitting on the "Zig-Zag". Do not try to insert it by maintaining it using the conical end piece as fitting takes place thanks to its flexibility.

To dismantle the clip from the centre, take the pin and apply pressure in the opposite direction. The flexibility will allow the clip to be easily removed.

To fix the 2 exterior clips and 3 clips on the bar, you simply need to insert them at the sides and slide them along (see photo no. 3)

To guarantee that the label holder will hold on the conical end piece over time, perform a slight rotation whilst applying pressure on the insertion and alignment of the label holder.


Packaged by box containing each 12 kits or Economy Pack of 100 kits


Packaged by box of 12 kits

How to buy
100 KITS

Economy Pack of 100 kits

How to buy

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